Surmounting Management Groups’ Failures to Stop Mass Immigration & The Newest Threat

The Two Largest National Mass Immigration Management Groups continue to create an Environment which almost guarantees that Mass Legal and Illegal Immigration continues ad infinitum.

And BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies have told them repeatedly for over a decade how they could change their policies to be effective rather than counterproductive as they are now.

But they have refused, again, with a predictable result — H.R. 5038 recently passed the House of Representatives, 255 to 165. This Bill now heads to the Senate. If enacted into law it would

  • Amnesty 1.5 Million Illegal Aliens and attract more
  • and give them Green Cards, a Path to Citizenship, and S. Taxpayer-funded Housing Assistance in addition to Medical Care, Welfare etc.
  • and forbid DHS from deporting even those illegal Aliens who have committed crimes in addition to the crime of in the USA illegally.

As well, the Management Groups failed to Stop H.R. 6 which would enact a Multi-Million Person Alien Amnesty, not only of the DACAs but also of the Millions given Temporary Protected Status.

So what should the Two National Management Groups have done to head off these Threats at the pass?

  • One Group bills itself as “leading the fight to stop Illegal Immigration” NOT! (See created by an Arizona Activist Group years ago and which provides some historical perspectives on this Management Group’s Counterproductive Actions) Yet this group refuses (for over 10 years) to advocate an all-categories-included Zero-Net Moratorium on Legal Immigration.

The Management refuses to acknowledge that Many categories under Current Legal Immigration law (e.g., the Uncapped Asylee Category) have been and continue to be Magnets for Illegal Aliens

So if that Management Group really wanted to “stop” illegal immigration they would also push “stopping” Legal Immigration via a Zero-Net Moratorium which would reduce the Legal Flow from 1.5 Million to 150,000 per year.

  • And the other Large National Immigration Management Group claims it wants to “lower legal immigration levels” but also refuses to push an all-categories-included Zero-Net Moratorium on Legal Immigration. Indeed, Merely advocatinglower immigration levels” is a de facto endorsement of continuing Mass Immigration, an entirely counterproductive stand.

BALANCE and its ASAP! Coalition Allies explained the dynamic to both these groups over ten years ago (see our Alert “The Only Way to Reduce Immigration”) but they still refuse to support a Moratorium, notwithstanding the fact that since then Both have had records of Total and Complete Failure to reduce Immigration!

So how can one Surmount this de facto opposition from alleged, so-called allies in order to actually reduce Immigration???

First, of course, stop supporting them, but more than that support Organizations and the policies of Candidates who recognize that pushing a Zero-Net Moratorium is the only way to ever reduce Immigration. For example, Congressional Candidate, Peter d’Abrosca’s (R-NC 7th) position, supporting a Moratorium which he strongly advocated on Tucker Carlson’s show, deserves support.

And sources tell us other Candidates are poised to support a Moratorium also.

So how can one surmount the Counterproductive Positions of these Two Management Groups now that H.R. 5038 and H.R. 6 have moved to the Senate???

Above all, every organization and individual should contact Senators, Media and Influencers and push an all-categories-included Zero-Net Moratorium on Legal Immigration and emphasize that it would remove the Magnet attracting ever more Illegal Aliens.

And focus on Specifics, e.g., How can communities and the nation ever ameliorate our intensifying Homelessness Crisis by annually welcoming in  1.6 Million Legal Immigrants per year with Taxpayer-funded Health Care, Welfare etc. Benefits, PLUS Amnestying 1.5 Million Illegals would be provided with Taxpayer-funded Housing Assistance as H.R.5038 does?!

And these Environmental Effects:

  • Average annual Legal Immigration into the USA is 1.6 Million people (400,000 per year into California alone exacerbating the housing crisis, homelessness, crowding, pollution, waste production and costs to taxpayers, etc.).
  • About 80% of California’s population growth comes from the annual 400,000 per year LEGAL immigrant inflow.
  • “For every person added to the U.S. (or California’s) population, one acre of prime farm land or Natural Habitat is converted to developed uses.” (Cornell , Pimentel, et al.) Population growth increases demands on natural resources.
  • California farmers and cities have already drawn down the Central Valley Aquifer far in excess of annual recharge rates, notwithstanding recent high rainfalls. Desalination is expensive, capital intensive, and the amounts produced are tiny relative to the amounts demanded by farmers and cities’ growing populations. Major cities in California are already resorting to “Toilet to Tap” water recycling, e.g., Orange County.
  • While population growth often increases aggregate GDP, it always (no Nation is an exception) reduces per capita GDP, the best test of a Nation’s Wealth and individual well-being.
  • S. Taxpayers Pay $330 BILLION PER YEAR NET (after subtracting taxes Immigrants pay) to pay for the federal costs of LEGAL Immigration alone (cf CCN Cost Study). That’s about $758 Million per Year per Congressional District and does not include Net State and Local Costs.

Activist Initiative for a Solution: BALANCE pushes a Zero-Net all-categories-included Moratorium on Legal Immigration which would still allow 150,000 inflow to match typical annual outflow. BALANCE is a genuine MASS Immigration Reduction Group (certain other National Groups not pushing a Moratorium are merely Mass Immigration Management Groups, a position counterproductive to achieving any immigration reductions at all) as we have repeatedly pointed out.

Help BALANCE intensify its Media, Public Education, Activist Mobilization and Lobbying Efforts with a Tax-Deductible Donation before Year-End.

BALANCE is pro-immigrant, anti-MASS Immigration, and co-founder of the Diversity Coalition for an Immigration Moratorium.

Population-Environment BALANCE is a National, non-profit (501c3) membership Activist organization dedicated to maintaining and preserving the environment and quality of life in the USA via population stabilization through Immigration Reduction.

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But Most Important, Contact & Re-Contact your Senators and the 2020 Candidates! and Media, and Influencers.

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